AMH re-introduces e-paper subscriptions. Notes on WhatsApp distribution, piracy and payment systems problems

After launching and then gradually discontinuing e-paper sales and subscriptions about a year ago, Alpha Media Holdings has re-introduced the format and business model. This re-introduction has been spurred more by the government ordered 21-day COVID-19 lockdown, which has meant no sales (or a very steep decline) of the physical paper on the streets. Here’s […]

LIST: Business models used by Zimbabwe’s online news publishers

One of the things we’re asked every now and again as individuals working in the online media space in Zimbabwe is, how does the business side of this work. Or put plainly, “how do you make your money?” Sometimes this is asked by some seasoned journalists and content creators keen to understand better what kind […]

A year in, The Daily News drops subscription paywall

The Daily News publication, one of the 3 prominent traditional news media firms in Zimbabwe, has removed its paywall, just a year after putting it up. The publication, which has a print counterpart, required that users pay a subscription in USD (via Mastercard and Visa) before they could read any content. There was no option […]