COVID-19: Zimbabwean online publishers hit by advertising revenue drop

Zimbabwean online publishers have been affected significantly by the slow-down of the online advertising caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A snap survey conducted by of a number of online news publishers shows that their revenues declined by between 40% and 60% from about March 2020 onward. One news publisher described the decline of advertising […]

Investigative news publication Zim Morning Post launches appeal for donations

Investigative news publication Zim Morning Post, launched an appeal for donations this week. The publication, founded by former AMH media journalist, Elias Mambo, becomes one of the first few local publications to ask for donations. The others being ZimLive, Bustop TV, and the Sadza in the Morning Podcast. Said the publication in a tweet: As […]

LIST: Business models used by Zimbabwe’s online news publishers

One of the things we’re asked every now and again as individuals working in the online media space in Zimbabwe is, how does the business side of this work. Or put plainly, “how do you make your money?” Sometimes this is asked by some seasoned journalists and content creators keen to understand better what kind […] introduces donation option, one of the country’s most prominent news sites for original and breaking news, has introduced a donation option as a revenue stream. Until now, the website was advertising-driven (Google Adsense). Starting in the past few days, every article on the site ends with a plea for donations that reads: ZimLive first went online in […]