ZimLive selected for COVID-19 funding by Google

ZimLive.com, one of the country’s most prominent news sites for original and breaking news, has been selected for funding by Google. The publication was selected along with 2 other less prominent publications, Kwekwenet and The Mirror. It’s not clear which publication The Mirror is but it could be the Masvingo Mirror. In April, as the […]

Investigative news publication Zim Morning Post launches appeal for donations

Investigative news publication Zim Morning Post, launched an appeal for donations this week. The publication, founded by former AMH media journalist, Elias Mambo, becomes one of the first few local publications to ask for donations. The others being ZimLive, Bustop TV, and the Sadza in the Morning Podcast. Said the publication in a tweet: As […]

Facebook News Launch. Interesting take on the social network’s interaction with Journalism over the past several years

This week, Facebook announced the launch of Facebook News in the US. Facebook News is a dedicated section on Facebook for news. The section will feature stories by publications preapproved to appear in the section by Facebook itself. You can read more about how publishers (in the US for now) qualify to have their stories […]

Google Launches Journalism Emergency Relief Fund. Zimbabwean Newsrooms Can Apply

Google has launched a Journalism Emergency Relief Fund for local newsrooms covering and affected by the Coronavirus pandemic around the world. African publications (including Zimbabwe) can apply. According to Google, the fund will provide funding in the lower thousands (for smaller operations) and tens of thousands for large operations. The fund is meant to help […]

LIST: Business models used by Zimbabwe’s online news publishers

One of the things we’re asked every now and again as individuals working in the online media space in Zimbabwe is, how does the business side of this work. Or put plainly, “how do you make your money?” Sometimes this is asked by some seasoned journalists and content creators keen to understand better what kind […]