Opera Mini continues to be updated and the latest version supports some new features. Starting with version 50 the mobile browser has undergone a major upgrade. The company is doubling down on features that are popular.

It also shares some content design with the Opera News app. In fact, you can read some news via the app even though it encourages you to download Opera News the whole while.

The mobile browser is the most used browser in Africa owing to its data-saving features and light-weight download. The company has said that the objective of the new version was to make popular features easier to access and use.

Download Opera Mini Apk

You can download an apk of the new version immediately here: Opera Mini Apk. The file is just 14MB.

If you prefer, you can also download it via the Google Playstore here.

Opera Mini Offline File Sharing

This feature works pretty much like the popular ShareIT app. Unlike other mobile browsers, Opera just went ahead and combined file sharing with browsing. Not much of a surprise really as the browser has always had a unique approach in the market.

Users of the app can transfer images, videos, and audio files to nearby devices using a direct Wi-Fi connection. The feature works with the download manager in the browser. Offline File Sharing is on the new navigation bar at the bottom of the browser screen.

The recipient of the files needs to have Opera Mini installed too. They will also need to be on at least version 50.


Data Saving Information

The new Opera Mini version also comes with a redesigned interface with easy-to-find information on data savings. Users are now able to know about how much data they are saving without navigating through the settings of the browser.

Opera claims that in the extreme mode in its mobile browser is capable of saving 81% of mobile data on average versus.

Free Browsing with Opera

One of the initiatives the company has started is the free browsing of 50MB daily for users in countries where Opera has partnerships with mobile operators. Opera currently has partnerships with MTN, Airtel, and AirtelTigo in Nigeria, Ghana, and Zambia.

Here’s a video being used by Opera for the promotion of the new version:

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