Investigative news publication Zim Morning Post, launched an appeal for donations this week. The publication, founded by former AMH media journalist, Elias Mambo, becomes one of the first few local publications to ask for donations. The others being ZimLive, Bustop TV, and the Sadza in the Morning Podcast.

Said the publication in a tweet:

As the media industry is fighting to stay afloat during this #Covid19 period Zim Morning Post is appealing to well wishers who believe in the cause to donate any amount of money. Please contact +263783394751
@elias_mambo @Wamagaisa @PacheduZW @DougColtart @Mavhure @daddyhope

Founded less than 2 years ago, Zim Morning Post is establishng a reputation for investigating and exposing corruption in Zimbabwe. They played a central in exposing corruption at ZINARA and more recently in the procurement of COVID-19 supplies by the government.

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