ZimLive.com, one of the country’s most prominent news sites for original and breaking news, has introduced a donation option as a revenue stream. Until now, the website was advertising-driven (Google Adsense).

Starting in the past few days, every article on the site ends with a plea for donations that reads:

ZimLive first went online in August 2018, and it has grown exponentially in readership and influence thanks to you, our readers.

We set out to create a current, authoritative, clarifying and vital news service. We believe we have had partial success, but to achieve our full ambitions, we need more financial resources to invest in more journalists, and journalism tools to deliver a richer digital mix of news, tapping into the progress in graphics, audio and video in particular.

Zimbabwe, our main market, has a virtually non-existent advertising industry owing to a tough economic environment, and the international digital display advertising market is currently weak – threats which imperil the future of online publishing. Distinctive, original, quality and expert reporting that expands our readers’ understanding of current affairs and helps them navigate it consumes a lot of money and takes time to produce, but despite the hardships, we want to keep going and do more to tell the complete Zimbabwean story, because at the heart of our commitment is the belief that our perspective matters.

We want to maintain and strengthen our position in the years ahead, but our work requires your support.

Consider a donation, however big or small, as your generosity is what will keep us going.

Support ZimLive from as little as US$5 through some easy steps which only take a minute.

Thank you.

The minimum donation amount is $5 (which is suggested by default), but readers cannot any amount up to $1000. Only international payments cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover (and others are accepted) are accepted. This means many locals, who only have EcoCash as their electronic payment method, will find it difficult to donate.

The website still has its Google Adsense adverts.

The website becomes the only prominent news website (not counting fake news sites such as ZimEye.net) to ask for donations from readers, in the same way that global publication, Mail and Guardian does.

ZimLive is operated by prominent journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu. He is former Zimpapers and NewZimbabwe editor.

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