Here’s a list of reliable websites with information on the COVID-19 disease outbreak in Zimbabwe:

Ministry of Health and Child Care WhatsApp number:

+263 71 473 4593

Official WHO Coronavirus Diseases Website

The WHO has this central place where visitors can find up to date information on the virus including Situation Reports, Travel Advice and Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19.

FactZim has been one of the most useful sources for reliable information on the Coronavirus especially in its role as a fact-checking website. It has debunked a lot of fake news and has always done so promptly so Zimbabweans can quickly refer to it when they come across suspicious information.

Zimbabwe Ministry of Information Twitter Timeline

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting has used Twitter quite well in sending out updates about the Coronavirus and other government announcements. It is the first place to check for updates about new confirmed cases Coronavirus in Zimbabwe as well as fact-checking supposed government announcements.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Live Map Tracker on Bing

This live map tacker by bing is a quick way to know the COVID-19 numbers in Zimbabwe as well as those Globally. You can pan and zoom the map and click on any country to find the stats for that country quickly (Active cases, fatal cases and so on)

Ministry of Health and Child Care Website

This is the official Ministry of Health and Child Care website and [is supposed to] contains all the announcements by the government. Unfortunately, the government ministry doesn’t always provide the latest information on the site.

Today for example, on 25 March 2020, the latest Situation Reports is one from 8 March 2020 (see picture above) and the latest press statement is one from 16 March 2020. This is despite the fact that Zimbabwe’s first confirmed case was registered on 20 March 2020 and the first death on 23 March. The government made statements and issued Situation Reports but just didn’t update its main Health Ministry website.

Other Sources:

  • Fight Covid -19 Zimbabwe
    This is a website created to collate all information on the development of the Coronavirus outbreak in Zimbabwe as well. The website has been made in a way that ensures mobile users can use minimum data to browse it.

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