Zimbabwe Original News Websites Traffic – March 2020

March was a good month for The Herald and NewsDay both of which registered a significant increase in traffic. The Herald, (still in first place for 6 months now) had 1.7 million visits, up from 1.4 million in February. Newsday received slightly less than The Herald, with 1.696 million visits in March, up 1.25 visits […]

Zimbabwe Original News Websites Traffic – January 2020

The month of January had a few significant changes most notably that by New Zimbabwe, which climbed up to the second place. The site’s traffic increased significantly from 930k visits in December to 1.2 million in January. This effectively pushed NewsDay to third place with 1.18 million (still higher than its December traffic of 1.1 […]

Zimbabwe Original News Websites Traffic – December 2019

We show below the traffic data in visits for original news websites in Zimbabwe for the month of December 2019. Zimpapers’ The Herald still has the most traffic of any website, since we started doing these lists in October. The site had 1.3 million visits in December, down from 1.5 million in November. It’s the […]