We just thought it would be important to share the Twitter handles of respected journalists in Zimbabwe. For 3 reasons:

  • Journalists usually get important news updates ahead of most, especially news of countrywide importance. If you follow them you’ll get important updates early too.
  • They also usually take more care to verify things and critically analyse if something makes sense before they spread it. It helps in the fight against dis and misinformation.
  • If you come across some news, you can easily @mention them on Twitter to verify or tip them

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all Zimbabwean journalists or a list of the best journalists in the country. It is a list of those that actively tweet useful news developments. This is work in progress – more journalists will be added as we learn more.

In no particular order:

Politics and General

    • @Mathuthu – Mduduzi Mathuthu is veteran journalist and current editor of ZimLive. Known for breaking news, especially Politics and Business
    • @gama_stanley – Stanely Gama is the former editor of one of the 3 largest Zimbabwean dailies, The Daily News.
    • @shingainyokaNyoka is a BBC journalist based in Harare
    • @zenzele Zenzele Ndebele is Bulawayo based journalist and Gukurahundi activist. More on the ground with Matabeleland news than most.
    • @kholwaninyathi – Nyathi is a veteran journalist who is currently the Editor of The Standard (an AMH weekly)
    • @daddyhopeHopewell Chin’ono is more a political activist. He, however, does break news from time to time, especially politics. 
    • @trevorncube – Ncube is a veteran journalist and entrepreneur. He is a major shareholder at AMH which publishes NewsDay, Standard and The Independent. He hosts In Conversation with Trevor on YouTube.
    • @EdmundKudzayi – Kudzayi currently operates Kukurigo, a WhatsApp based news organisation. Previously he worked for Zimpapers as an editor.
    • @BrezhMalaba – Breshnev Malaba is a senoir journalist who has worked at AMH publications.
    • @Musvanhiri – Privilege Musvanhiri is a journalist and media trainer. He contributes to some international publications such as the German publication DW.
    • @rangamataire – Ranga Mataire is currently the Deputy Editor at The Herald.
    • @nqabamatshazi – Nqaba Matshazi is a prominent journalist with AMH
    • @LJaymut10 – Lovejoy Mutongwiza is a photojournalist with 263chat
    • @harumutasa – Haru is an Al Jazeera journalist in Zimbabwe. She covers both Zim and Africa news.
    • @elias_mambo – Elias Mambo is a former AMH journalist who now operates his own news website, ZimMorningPost.
    • @LanceGuma – UK based journalist and editor of NehandaRadio
    • @larry_moyo – Founding editor of Zim’s most popular tabloid, H-Metro
    • @ZimMediaReview – This account follows and tweets about the coverage of news. Good to follow to get a sense of the important things going on a given day and to be alerted to possible bias by media organisations.
    • @bbmhlanga – Blessed Mhalanga is an AMH journalist currently with the group’s Heart and Soul TV Radio


    • @happ_zenge – Happiness Zengeni is a financial analyst and business journalist who is currently editor of The Anchor, a business publication she founded.
    • @rangamberiPR practitioner and journalist, also prominent social media commentator. Works for newZWire.
    • @nelsonbanyaexperienced journalist currently working at ZimFact and newZWire. previously worked at NewsDay, The Source, Fingaz and others

Arts & Entertainment

    • @plotmhako – Arts and entertainment journalist.


    • @mikemadoda – Prominent sports journalist
    • @Chakariboy – Robson Sharuko is a sports journalist with Zimpapers

General (Hard to categorise)

    • @RuvhenekoP – Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa is a broadcast and talk-show journalist that has worked for Zimpapers radio station, CapitalkFM, ZiFMStereo and a number of projects that she started.
    • @PennyPangeti – Pangeti is a broadcast journalist with Zimpapers Harare talk radio station CapitalkFM
    • @MoeChanda – A broadcast journalist with ZBC

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