Download: MISA Zimbabwe’s State of the Media Report for 2019

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) has released a State of the Media report for 2019. It contains the following: Political Context and Key Events Media Environment Arrests, threats and harassment of journalists Access to Information/Freedom of Expression Media Professionalism Broadcasting/Telecommunications/ICTs Mobile penetration/telecommunications Way Forward in 2020 Media Violations Statistics 2019 You can download […]

LIST: Zimbabwean journalists to follow on Twitter

We just thought it would be important to share the Twitter handles of respected journalists in Zimbabwe. For 3 reasons: Journalists usually get important news updates ahead of most, especially news of countrywide importance. If you follow them you’ll get important updates early too. They also usually take more care to verify things and critically […]

Zimbabwe’s most important news publications to follow in 2020

Below we list what we currently consider the most important original news websites in Zimbabwe. Important because of their focus, breaking news and their general contribution to actively informing readers on events & developments in Zimbabwe accurately and responsibly. We have left out publications that mostly post unoriginal content and other leanings that are strictly […]