Mnangagwa Reveals Reason For Mysterious South Africa Visit

While narrating the details surrounding his escape from Zimbabwe through Mozambique after being fired from Government by Robert Mugabe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa revealed the reason behind his unexplained and unannounced trip to South Africa last Saturday.

Mnangagwa revealed that he was declared poison free by doctors last week. When he was poisoned during a Zanu-PF interface rally in Gwanda in August, Mnangagwa was admitted in a South African hospital after he was airlifted from Zimbabwe. Said Mnangagwa:

You have heard about me being taken ill at a rally in Gwanda. I am not so clear as to at what stage I took the poison, but I took it. I was airlifted to South Africa and I recovered; that’s why I am here. I am aware that the poison content at the time was around 361 percent, but after six days it came down to about 11 percent. I am happy that last week I was declared (poison) free. It is now undetectable. So we are the same now in terms of poison content.

Mnangagwa’s administration has denied that the President had gone to South Africa for a medical check up. They also denied reports of a medical emergency. Former President Robert Mugabe was usually criticised for not disclosing the reason(s) behind his trips overseas especially to Singapore.

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