Going to South Africa to look for jobs no longer necessary, Zimbabwe is better: Mugabe

Speaking at a Zanu-PF Youth Interface Rally held in Gwanda on Saturday, President Robert Mugabe said that it is no longer necessary for one to go to South Africa to look for better opportunities like in the old days because Zimbabwe has better conditions than its southern neighbour.

However, his sons Robert Jr and Chatunga are based in South Africa while he revealed that his wife Grace Mugabe had travelled to the country to receive medical attention. Said Mugabe:

Let us help them and help prevent our youngsters border jumping to go to South Africa.

I know that in this province, especially the southern part of the province, the Kalanga area and the Beitbridge area, there is a tradition or at least there was, that a man is not a man unless he has been to South Africa to work there and then come with certain goodies and clothes for the wives.

I was here teaching in 1945 at Empandeni.

I realised that the majority of women who were coming to the mission to be assisted, had their husbands, all of them, working in South Africa.

So, going to Joni is no longer necessary. The conditions there are not better than the conditions created after Independence here.

There is land for you, which is a gain of the suffering that men and women from here together with others from other provinces went through.

During the World Economic Forum held in South Africa in May this year, Mugabe has said that Zimbabwe is Africa’s most developed country second only to South Africa

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Grace Mugabe is the Zimbabwean first lady; wife to President Robert Mugabe of the ruling party, the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF). She is also the Secretary of the ZANU- PF Women’s League after her nomination and subsequent election in 2014. She is also an established philanthropist who owns an orphanage in the Mazowe area of Mashonaland Central province. Read More

Robert Mugabe Junior is son to the president of the republic of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe and first lady Grace Mugabe who is also the Secretary of the Women’s league in the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front party. Read More

Robert Mugabe is a Zimbabwean revolutionary and statesman who has been President of the Republic of Zimbabwe since 1987. Previously, he was the prime minister of Zimbabwe since the attainment of independence until 1980. He is also the co-founder of the ZANU-PF. By different sections of people both locally and abroad, Mugabe has been viewed as both a ruthless dictator and champion of the previously marginalised interest of the majority black people. Most recently he is most known for leading Zimbabwe into one of its worst periods economically, but also leading the crafting of the land question through the Third Chimurenga exercise of the 2000 – 2010 decade. Read More

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