Company which won tender to supply BVR kits actually came second

According to weekly publication, The Standard, Chinese company the Laxton Group which won the tender to supply Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits, actually came second in the bidding process. Dermalog Identification Systems of Germany was first with a score of 83,6%, but the State Procurement Board (SPB) gave the contract to the Laxton Group (82,85%), which came second.

Laxton’s local partner, Synlak Private Limited, did not manage to meet deadlines for the tender and was not evaluated but was still considered for the job. When reached for comment, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) Chairperson Rita Makarau said:

You are aware the tender was directed to SPB,

They are the ones who handled the tender so I will not be able to answer your questions. Can you direct them to SPB.

More: The Standard


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is an independent body which controls and or manages all election processes at all levels in Zimbabwe. Despite being registered as a non-partisan body, ZEC has been criticised for aligning itself with the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) since its formation. Read More

Rita Makarau is a Zimbabwean female judge and the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. She is the first female Judge President of Zimbabwe. Makarau is also the Electoral Commissions Forum-SADC President. Read More

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