Nkosana Moyo open to forming alliance with Khupe amid reports of MDC-T break up

Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA) leader Nkosana Moyo said that he is open to forming an alliance with MDC-T Vice President Thokozani Khupe amid reports that she wants to break away from the Morgan Tsvangirai led party following her attack by party youth leader. When asked by NewZimbabwe.com Moyo said:

We would listen to what they, like any other Zimbabwean, have to say.

A source who spoke to NewZimbabwe.com alleged that Khupe and Moyo met in Rosebank, Johannesburg in South Africa on Thursday even though Moyo denies this. Asked whether he had, during the course of the week, met with Khupe or any of her lieutenants, Moyo told NewZimbabwe.com:

I am not going to tell you who I met or did not meet. Take it from me, your information is wrong. If you are determined to make a story, go on and embarrass yourself.

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Dr. Nkosana Moyo, PhD (Physics), is an economist and former Zimbabwe Minister of Industry and International Trade. He is known mostly for his sudden resignation from his Ministerial post in 2001, when he left to join his family in South Africa because he disagreed strongly with Zanu-PF policies. The resignation resulted in President Robert Mugabe describing him as a “coward”. On the 29th of June 2017, Dr Moyo announced that he would be running for President of Zimbabwe in 2018 harmonised elections and that he would running under Alliance for People’s Agenda (APA). Read More

Thokozani Khupe is a Zimbabwean politician, cancer activist and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Vice- President. Read More

Morgan Tsvangirai is a Zimbabwean born trade unionist and politician; former prime minister and president of the Movement for Democratic Change party. He was prime minister of Zimbabwe during the Government of National Unity era between 2008 and 2013. Tsvangirai is also known for having led the country’s trade union umbrella body, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions up to 2000 when he became president his party. Read More

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