Conductor beats police officer for demanding $15 bribe

A commuter omnibus conductor Clayton Manyora (23) appeared before Harare magistrate, Victoria Mashamba charged for the assault of the police officer, Innocent Mudambo, as well as touting. He was convicted and sentenced to a wholly suspended 6 months in jail but will serve 210 hours of community service at St Mary’s Police Station in Chitungwiza.

According to Manyora, Madambo demanded $15 as a bribe from the driver, but was told the money was with the conductor. He said he gave Madambo the money, before he asked for a receipt, but the officer declined. He said the fight only started after he demanded his money back. However the State said that Manyora was touting for passengers at Charge Office rank and upon arrest he struck Madambo on the face using open hands and ran away, but was arrested on the same day.

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Chitungwiza is a dormitory town found some 30 km, from Harare. The town is known for producing some of the finest musicians such as Alick Macheso and Mechanic Manyeruke. The latest popuation survey(2012) revealed that the city has In 2013 it made international headlines after a mysterious explosion which killed six. Read More

Harare formerly Salisbury is the capital of Zimbabwe. It is the seat of Government, the industrial hub and commercial centre for Zimbabwe. The city was founded by the Cecil John Rhodes-led Pioneer Column in 1890 and named Salisbury. The name was only changed to Harare in 1982 a name borrowed from the regional chief Neharawa of the Kopje area where the city stands. The city’s favourable climate earned it the name ‘Sunshine City’. Read More

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