Zimbabwe will defend SI 64 at Sadc committee meeting says Bimha

Minister of Industry and Commerce Mike Bimha has said that he will defend Zimbabwe’s implementation of Statutory Instrument (SI) 64 of 2016, at the upcoming committee meetings with his Sadc counterparts. SI 64 restricted the importation of at least 40 products. Said Bimha:

While it is good for us, it is not good for others and obviously this issue comes again and again on the agenda, but we are confident that we do have the ammunition to fight our case and that it is in the interest of Zimbabwe. In any case, when we talk about SI64 we are only talking about 40 products and that there is still a lot of products and raw materials that we still import from one particular country,

Now, surely, they cannot cry foul with only 40 out of the many products that we continue to import from them, but I believe we will stand our ground. As I said, we believe that SI64 was just the beginning of a strategy to support local production, we must continue to buttress this policy by other policy interventions.

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About Mike Bimha

Mike Bimha is a Zimbabwean politician. He is the current Minister of Industry and Commerce and Member of Parliament for Chikomba West. Read More

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