War Veterans have no differences with MDC, open to forming coalition: Mutsvangwa

Addressing journalists at a press conference  Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa said that war veterans have no issues with the opposition and are open to forming coalition with them.

He also said that the opposition is no longer what they are fighting but the G40 Faction within Zanu-PF. Said Mutsvangwa:

For your own information, after looking at the matrix of the Zimbabwean political scene today, the traditional enemies of the party are no longer what we are focusing on. We had differences with Zapu of Dumiso, but he was our commander during the war. He delivered the structure (security structure) that I was talking about. We have no issues with them. Our relations are very sound. We may have had differences with the MDC in the past but when they came on board to write the Constitution with us together and they are in Parliament, they are behaving as a loyal opposition to Zimbabwe and most of the time actually are championing the welfare of war veterans. We have no particular misgivings about them. I want to put it on record, we have no serious difficulties with those who may want to form a coalition to run elections. This is a democratic country. They are free to form a coalition. What we have serious differences with are those who want to negate, to abort the revolution.

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The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) was formed in 1990, led by former ex-combatants to advance the cause of the former freedom fighters who had participated in the Second Chimurenga which brought forth the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980. The main thrust of the organisation was to ensure that the former freedom fighters were well catered for and to facilitate their integration into the society. The formation of the organisation was hinged on the basis that the government was failing to cater for the welfare of the freedom fighters hence there was the need to create a group and or organisation to advance the cause of these people. Despite being registered as non-partisan, the ZNLWVA was alleged to be closely aligned to the Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) carrying out ZANU PF’s election campaigns since 2000 when it was led by the now late Chenjerai Hunzvi though it was formed and registered as non-partisan. In 1997, the war veterans were given hefty packages and this came about as a result of the efforts of the ZNLWVA. It was reported that this heralded the beginning of the Zimbabwean economic crisis which was mostly detrimental in 2008. The organisation was also alleged of committing heinous crimes ranging from murder, torture, rape etc. It participated massively during the Third Chimurenga as its members were at the fore front leading the masses to invade farms owned by the minority whites. In 2013, the organisation began to make new demands from the government and this was ignored. Read More

Christopher Mutsvangwa, commonly referred to as just Chris Mutsvangwa is a Zimbabwean politician, businessman and member of the ZANU PF party. He is however under suspension from the party for 3 years for gross misconduct and disloyalty a result of apparently fanning factionalism in the party. Mutsvangwa is also former welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators and Former Political Detainees Minister, a position from which he was dismissed in March 2016.
He started his political career during the Second Chimurenga and has also served both government and party in various capacities in independent Zimbabwe. He is the former leader of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association, a position he was nominated to in November 2014 after former leader Jabulani Sibanda was ousted as part of the Zanu-PF and kicked out in December 2015. Read More

The Zanu-PF Generation 40, or G40 for short, is a group of Zanu PF politicians believed to be working against the possibility of Emmerson Mnangagwa (Lacoste Faction) succeeding President Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe.It is not clear exactly who they are backing to do so in his place but suggestions have been made it may be Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe.
The notion of G40 is said to have been coined by Jonathan Moyo, who is apparently the brains behind the outfit, although he denies its identity as a faction.The group is characterized of younger Zanu-PF members who are savvy and educated. The group is said to be led by Jonathan Moyo and Zanu-PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere but is fronted by the first lady, Grace Mugabe. Read More

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