South African Police order Harare bound plane back to arrest suspected Zimbabwean car thief

South African police had to order a Harare bound airplane to fly back to OR Tambo Airport so that they could arrest a suspected Zimbabwean car thief named Nicholas Marova Zvikomborero.

In a statement South African Police Service (SAPS) said:

At approximately 15:00 hours, two South African Police Service (SAPS) detectives alerted International Airport Aviation Safety officers of a vehicle theft suspect that was on a flight to Harare that needed to be stopped. The suspect has been sought since 2014 and had been put on the watch list. He’s alleged to have rented a vehicle and never returned it. The Airport Aviation Safety officers managed to make contact with the airline, through the airport management centre. The aircraft was towed back to the parking bay after all necessary protocols were adhered to.

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About Zimbabwe

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a country located in the Southern Africa region. Its capital city is Has capital::Harare and the country has provinces. Zimbabwe is 390,580 sq km and is bordered on all sides by other countries (Zambia in the north, South Africa in the South, Botswana in the west and Mozambique in the east).
The Zimbabwean population includes the majority black Africans, most of who are indigenous Shona and Ndebele. Besides these major ethnic groups, there are also migrant citizens mainly from sub-Saharan Africa. Besides these foreigners resident in Zimbabwe, there are also a number of other local indigenous ethnic minorities scattered in different corners of the country and these include the Tonga, the Tawara, Venda and Kalanga people. As at 2012, the population of people in Zimbabwe stood at 13 061 239.The National Anthem. Click below to play Read More

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