Doctor warns of killer flu, urges early treatment

A doctor who spoke to The Chronicle on condition of anonymity warned of a flu virus which may lead to pneumonia and death if not treated early.

He said:

This kind of flu is dangerous and may lead to pneumonia and death if people delay seeking proper medical attention. We are likely to have more cases as we transition into the hot season. We have had cases of people who developed pneumonia due to that and it’s a normal pattern, considering that this winter was very cold.

He also gave advice on when to administer treatment but said cough syrups will not help cure this type of flu. He said:

You start giving patients antibiotics when they produce creamish or yellowish, greenish mucus which means there is transformation from viral to bacterial phase. Patients at this phase may be given antibiotics immediately when their immune system is weak and they are prone to pneumonia. If you address the cause you apply the use of antibiotics and it’s up to the doctor to see improvement and do further tests. They can do a chest X-ray to check for bronchopneumonia. They shouldn’t rely on cough mixtures especially now as this strain of flu can cause pneumonia and if they delay they may die.

When contacted for confirmation by The Chronicle, Ministry of Health and Child Care Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control Dr Portia Manangazira said that they will meet today to discuss the issue.

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