Zimbabweans React to Bond Notes Release on Twitter

Following the statement from the RBZ earlier today about the Monday release data of the Bond Notes, Zimbabweans have taken to social media reacting to the pronouncement.

Zimbabweans on Twitter mostly expressed shock and sadness to the development. Here are some tweets from some users of the platform:

Thank you RBZ for NOT listening to us. Thank you for ignoring the very citizens whom you are mandated to serve. #BondNotes

— Jacob Matiba (@JacobMatiba) November 26, 2016

Yoh Joice Mujuru can you rush to the courts and seek the blocking of this calamity called bond notes said to be coming on Monday

— Nqaba Matshazi (@nqabamatshazi) November 26, 2016

#bondnotes are coming on Monday before the RBZ Act is ammended. So they are potentially illegal @advocatemahere @Wamagaisa @BitiTendai

— mmatigari (@matigary) November 26, 2016

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has announced that the Zimbabwean Dollar (disguised as bond notes) will start circulating on 28 November!

— Kudzani Dojiwe (@kudzani_ndlovu) November 26, 2016

RBZ is definitely not excited about #BondNotes. They know what will happen. Just following orders from a mad president who rules by decree.

— Harry Davies (@DaviesHarry) November 26, 2016

#BondNotes to arrive Monday. Check the last bit – withdrawal limits arent abt how there’s No Cash. They’re about promoting cashless society. pic.twitter.com/BDywyrrjmu

— Kubatana (@kubatana) November 26, 2016

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been thinking of getting a Galaxy A9 but I’ll wait a bit. That money might be enough to buy a car in bond notes.😂

— M.S. Dobie (@Dobie_M) November 26, 2016

#BondNotes will be released before the actual RBZ bill legalizing #BondNotes has been approved by parliament

— Povo Zimbabwe (@povozim) November 26, 2016

With the way banks are corrupted, some are gonna be withdrawing thousands of #BondNotes per day & flooding the market

Let’s wait & see

— Clarkson Mambo (@cemambo) November 26, 2016

Say hello to #BondNotes from Monday, RBZ says. Because why wait for that pesky legislation to pass. @veritaszim pic.twitter.com/N6PDJV7LWy

— Kubatana (@kubatana) November 26, 2016

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