Magistrates overworked, 60 more urgently needed

Chief Magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe has said the courts are currently understaffed and this has resulted in the magistrates being overworked, possibly affecting the quality of justice delivery.  He said at least 60 more magistrates are needed in order for efficiency in the justice delivery system.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Mvuma Magistrate’s court, Guvamombe said:

We have a freeze in the chief magistrate’s office. The situation has been like this since 2010 and we are not able to recruit new staff yet we are losing staff through resignations, deaths, retirement and other reasons. We are understaffed,” Mr Guvamombe said.

We have some courts that are closed. We have also these new court houses constructed to handle two magistrates, but some of them only have a single magistrate.

 The decentralisation of the Regional Courts to areas such as Plumtree, Kadoma, Chipinge and Beitbridge has been negatively affected since there are only 25 Regional magistrates in the country. It means we can’t decentralise Regional Courts to bring justice to the people
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